The Hanging Chad


Is it a fish? A country? A man's name?

Read on for the answer . . . 

Once upon a time, almost predating history, there were giant room-filling mainframe computers. Instructions were created for these beasts by punching a precise pattern of small rectangular holes into a cardboard punched card with a keypunch machine.

The keypunch droppings, small confetti-like bits of cardboard punched out of the cards, were referred to as chad. So were the small bits of paper punched out of the perforated edge strips on paper for sprocket feed printers.

Why "chad" ???

It is thought that the term chad might have originated from the Chadless keypunch, a keypunch machine named after its inventor. This particular machine cut a "U" shape into the punched cards that made a hole when folded back. If the Chadless keypunch didn't make them, then the stuff the other keypunch machines made had to be chad.

Many ballots used throughout the country are pre-perforated punched cards. In some cases the chad does not separate from the card, but hangs there by a corner or two. Probably when the voter changes his or her mind and retracts the punching stylus to make another choice.  A hanging chad for Gore probably indicates the voter opted to vote for another candidate. 

Even more disturbing is the significance Democrats are attempting to assign to the pregnant chad, a chad that is still completely attached to the ballot on all four sides and corners, but bulges slightly in the middle. The Democrat controlled Canvassing Boards use "Ouigi board technology" to determine the intent of the voter, which in virtually every case seems to yield a vote for Algore. 

So there you have it, the story behind the hanging chad and the pregnant chad, the stuff that changed the course of American Electoral History !!!

(and now you'll know the answer when you see it on, JeopardySurvivor II or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire)  (and maybe these Websites will sell for a million bucks someday on eBay !!!)

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