The Death of Democracy ???

As the Democrats revise history according to their needs once again, we need to step back and look at what is really going on. The daily challenges being brought forth by Al Gore and friends attempting to change the outcome of the 2000 Florida vote violate the Constitution he has sworn to uphold!!

Once we enter into the "irreparable harm" arena, Democracy as we have known it for over 200 years is truly in jeopardy.  Any variance from the process already in place will lead to endless and unprecedented subjective legal challenges to the entire voting process. The existing process may have its flaws, but it is Constitutionally correct.  The existing process does not care who wins the election whereas political party attorneys and humans beings do.

When votes are weighed differently depending upon where you live in the United States, the vote becomes diluted and it constitutes violation of your Constitutional Right to vote.

  • Did the Democratic Party knowingly approve the ballot that "disenfranchised" their constituency  as a "back door" insurance policy to provide the means to challenge an unfavorable election outcome in what they knew would be a pivotal state in a close race?
  • There seems to be an incredible amount of rhetoric concerning the need for Gore to occupy the "second hole" on Florida the butterfly ballot. Could some of the ballots been pre-punched? Could voters who were herded to the poles for the first time in their lives have been coached to punch the "second hole" by those who did the herding? The Democratic leadership certainly seems quick to define their supporters as being helpless and easily confused. If those voters were so in need of the second hole representing Gore. I wonder if they managed to consistently vote for other Democrats on the ballot?  
  • Now that employees of the various election boards are involved in determining "the voters intent", are the ballots still anonymous? Has "one man, one vote" been violated?

In attempting determine voter intent, Gore Attorney Laurence Tribe spins, in regard to some voter's ballots, they "tried to poke something through and didn't succeed." It is this type of pathetic rhetoric that clearly demonstrates the devious verbiage the Democrat Party uses to gain sympathy.  


  • Many of the politicians involved in the process were elected by the same process. Do we need retroactive checks of their elections to make certain all votes in their respective elections were heard? 
  • Is it fair to use selective hand recounts in only heavily Democratic Florida counties?
  • How will we determine the intent of the Republican voters who stayed away from the polls after the networks prematurely announced the state of Florida had gone to Gore prior to the polls closing in the panhandle of Florida and other states in the western time zones.  Does this qualify as the voter disenfranchisement Daley and Christopher recently threw in the nations face?

We could fill this page with similar questions. The fact remains that Texas Govenor George W. Bush has already won twice in the state of Florida.  The Democratic leadership has simply refused to accept defeat and is currently attempting to steal this election from its rightful owner with blatant disregard for the contents of the Constitution.

Perhaps there is something we haven't yet considered underlying their fervor.

Could it be the Democrats feel that it is absolutely mandatory that their party retain the presidential right to grant a pardon as both Bill and Hillary prepare to leave the nation's capital?

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