The Hanging Chad


It is absolutely amazing to me that in this day and age, an election can come down to a tiny chad of paper hanging from a ballot. It gets even worse when we consider trying determine the intent of the voter from a pregnant chad.

Yet, that is exactly where we are.

The legal system, which was never meant to intercede, has now been injected into the electoral process.  I'm not aware of a provision in our Constitution that allows a judge (one single man or woman) the right to determine the outcome of a presidential election. This is a most disturbingly ironic "one man, one vote" scenario.

I don't believe the majority of the American people understand that this is a fundamental breach of their Constitutional rights. 

Liberals rush to embrace and create revisionist history wherein the truth simply does not count.  

Their "spin doctors" craft elaborate explanations.  We are told what really happened, is not what happened at all and that what we heard meant something other than what it sounded like.  No matter how it sounds or appears, the liberal candidate's intention are good, unlike intent of their "mean spirited" opponents.  When Plan A  fails, they quickly move to Plan B.  A classic example is the Democratic party's patent endorsement of abortion, a convenient, expedient revision of the real facts.  Someone or something else is always at fault.

Liberals are always willing to compromise the truth in order to build or maintain power and their voter base. was conceived as a forum to balance this compromise.  Please send stories that point out the sharp contrast .  And, please send your opinions 

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